Episode 227: Denis Logan - Embracing the journey from EXOS, to the NFL, to Pro Rugby

This episodes guest is Denis Logan.

Denis Logan joined Munster Rugby as Head of Athletic Performance in May 2018.

He previously worked as an assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach with the NFL’s Cleveland Browns and has worked with elite athletes for over a decade.

Prior to his time with the Cleveland Browns, the New York native was Director of Performance for the US Pro Sports division of EXOS where he worked with professional and elite athletes from a diversity of sports, including American football and Olympic events.

While at EXOS, Denis was the lead strength coach for the NFL Combine and the NFL off-season development programmes.

 On this episode Denis and I discuss:

  • Denis' background
  • Denis discusses his time as a manager of EXOS' Texas facility 
  • I ask Denis about fatherhood and family life
  • Denis discusses work-life balance
  • Denis discusses him time in the NFL
  • Denis discusses combine training
  • Denis shares with us how he ended up as the head S&C with Munster rugby?
  • I ask Denis about the biggest lessons he has learned so far in his life
  • I ask Denis how does his learn
  • I ask Denis for his top and current book recommendations
  • I ask Denis if there is anything his does on a daily basis that is essential to his day?
  • I ask Denis - how would he like to be remembered?
  • I ask Denis, if he could invite, 5 people dinner, dead of alive who would he invite and why?

This was an outstanding episode and I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!

Stay Strong,



Show Notes:

Facebook - Denis Logan

Instagram - dilorentis09


Podcasts Mentioned:

ATSW - Episode 206: Nicole Rodriguez - Long Term Athletic Development and getting out of your comfort zone

ATSW - Episode 214: Mladen Jovanović - HIIT training, unpredictability, and agile periodization


Books Mentioned:

Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Take Hold and Others Come Unstuck

HIIT High Intensity Interval Training and Agile Periodization

Shoe dog

The Instant Economist: Everything You Need to Know About How the Economy Works



People and Resources Mentioned:


Mark Verstegen

Nomar Garciaparra

Nicole Rodriguez 

Luke Richesson

Joe Gomes

Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning

Mike Boyle


Stu McMillan

Liam Hennessy 

David Howarth

Mladen Jovanović

Joe Gibbs

Brett Bartholomew

Dave Tenney

Tim Ferriss

Ray Dalio

Elon Musk

Scott Livingston

Martin Luther King Jr

Yuri Verkhoshansky


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