Episode 206: Nicole Rodriguez - Long Term Athletic Development and getting out of your comfort zone

This episodes guest see's the return of Nicole Rodriguez, who was previously on episode 28.

Nicole is someone who has had a massive impact in my life and coaching career. She was my head coach when I intern at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning back in 2009 and someone who I have always considered as a mentor and close friend. To me, Nicole is one of the finest coaches I have ever worked with within physical preparation profession. 

Nicole is a Human Performance Coach who serves American and International teams/organizations. She is currently living and consulting in Central Europe, building developmental programs and infrastructure for professional football (soccer) clubs and community-based football clubs.

In 2018, she consulted for the Dutch National Volleyball Team in preparation for the 2018 World Championships. From 2012-2017, Nicole joined EXOS, formerly Athletes’ Performance, as a Human Performance Coach and education specialist. She served as the Education Department Head for Team EXOS, a Human Performance Company in Phoenix, AZ who serves the world’s elite athletic populations. Starting in 2012, she supported International Football organizations, Rugby organizations, International Cycling and various American sports. Prior to EXOS, she worked alongside Michael Boyle in 2006-2012. There, Coach Nicole Rodriguez trained a full spectrum of clients and athletes including, NHL, MLB, NFL, Olympic Ice Hockey, amateur athletes and general populations.

Coach Nicole Rodriguez is a movement specialist, who focuses on building on-field and court performance through movement efficiency, player buy-in and various speed-strength applications. Coach Nicole obtained her license in Massage Therapy from the Cortiva Institute in Boston, Massachusetts and holds various certifications and licenses.

On this episode Nicole and I discuss:

  • Nicole's background
  • I ask Nicole about the decision to go out on her own as a performance coach and consultant, and the process of overcoming fear when it comes to a life change
  • We discuss finding your why, core values, fulfillment, and coaching burnout
  • I ask Nicole to share her thoughts on what LTAD means to her
  • Nicole talks about the need to education youth athletes in nutrition and mindset
  • I ask Nicole about character development for coaches and what response has she gotten within the organizations she has applied her LTAD model so far
  • I ask Nicole about her session structure with her youth soccer groups
  • I ask the Nicole to discuss the importance of communication 
  • I ask Nicole for the biggest lessons she has learned so far in her life and career
  • I ask Nicole has she learns?
  • I ask Nicole if she has any daily habits or rituals that are essential to the success of her day
  • I ask Nicole, if she had only 1 year left on planet Earth - how would she spend that year and why?
  • I ask Nicole, if she could invite 5 people to dinner, dead or alive, who would she invite and why?


This was an outstanding episode and I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!

Stay Strong,



Show Notes:

Email: nicole@coachnicolerodriguez.com

Website - coachnicolerodriguez.com

Facebook - Coach Nicole Rodriguez

Twitter - @_NicoleRod

Instagram - n.rodriguez.coach

YouTube: Coach Nicole Rodriguez


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Dare to Lead

Checklist Manifesto


Beard's Massage: Principles and Practice of Soft Tissue Manipulation

Tri-Phasic Training

People and Resources Mentioned:

Mike Boyle

Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning


Nick Winkelman

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Stu McMillan

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Danielle LaFata

Jamie Rodriguez 

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Denis Logan

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