Episode 170: Pat Davidson - MASS 2 - Judgement Day - Part 4


Pat and I are back with Part 4 in our MASS 2 series. 

You can check out Part 1 - herePart 2 - here, Part 3 - here.

On this episode Pat and I discuss:

  • Pat gives us an update on whats new 
  • Pat fills us in about his hope to open his own facility and also speaks about a power metric device he is working on to measure an individuals work output in training
  • Pat fills us in on his speaking engagements that he had coming up at the time of this recording
  • Pat and I get onto a discussion about the design of the programs that make up the 16 weeks of MASS 2.
  • Here we discuss the 30:30 day, and Alactic-Aerobic day of Phase one
  • Pat tells us why trying to use percentages with 30:30 are pretty much useless
  • Pat tells us why he still loves the 30:30 and why his loves Cal Dietz Tri-Phasic model within the first 3 phases of MASS 2
  • Pat discusses the sensory input benefits from utilizing Tri-Phasic Training
  • Pat and I discuss dynamic systems theorys, quantative vs qualitive overload, overloading the perception and cognitive system, and the need to increase variation as athletes reach higher levels of mastery/ qualification 
  • Pat and I discuss how certainty and dopamine reward can have a negative effect on adpatation as it can decrease variation, which can in turn can decrease the robustness of an organism 
  • Pat gets into a deep discussion on Post-Activation Potentation (PAP)
  • I ask Pat why he uses a glycolytic warm up on his alactic-aerobic day

This was an outstanding episode and I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!

Stay Strong,



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The Reckoning


Books Mentioned:

The Dopaminergic Mind in Human Evolution and History

The Mastery and his Emissary

Polyvagel Theory

On Intelligence 

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