Episode 160: Pat Davidson - MASS 2 - Judgement Day - Part 2

And we're BACK!!!! 

Pat and I are back with Part 2 in our MASS 2 series. 

You can check out Part 1 - here.

On this episode Pat and I discuss:

  • Whats new with Pat
  • We talk about Pat's trip to China at the end of last year - this is a must listen!
  • We get into Pat's top 7 piece's of advice to maximize mTOR upreguation in the quest to gain as much muscle and strength as possible
  • We discuss concentric vs eccentric hypertrophy adpatations to the heart and how MASS 2 could potentially lead to an increase in both and thus incesase the hearts rate pressure product


This was an outstanding episode and I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!

Stay Strong,



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