Episode 167: Mike Tuchscherer - Overcoming the limiting factors of maximum strength development, the Bondarchuk system for powerlifting, and much more!

This episodes guest is Mike Tuchscherer.

Mike is back on for a third time on the ATSW podcast. 

Mike has previously been on thepodcast in episodes 57 and 113

On this episode Mike and I discuss:

  • My Masters physiology essay assignment titled - "The physiological adaptations and determinants of maximum strength development in powerlifers"
  • I ask Mike for his input and his thoughts around the determinants of maximum strength development and how one would try to overcome these limiting factors 
  • Here we speak about - Intra and intermuscular coordination, neural inhibition, stretch-shorthening-cycle (SSC), hypertrophy, nutrition, drugs, and programming
  • Mike gets into an extensive indepth discussion on how he has utilized Dr. Bondarchuk's training system with his powerlifting athletes 
  • Mike talks about how the human organism is a non-linear entity and this impacts adaptation
  • Mike discusses the responder types he has seen with using this Bondarchuk model
  • Mike tells us his thoughts on using a Bondarchuk approach with a beginner
  • Mike talks about Liz Craven's experience using the Bondurchuk Model
  • Mike discusses how he designs his "wash-out/ pivot blocks" within this system
  • Mike tells us how he programs Bondurchuks four exercise classifications within the mircocycle
  • Mike talks about how important it is to build trust with your athletes
  • What resources was Mike looking into at the time of this recording


This was an outstanding episode and I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!

Stay Strong,



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