Episode 113: Mike Tuchscherer - Speaks on Training Volume, Psychological Profiling,& Stress & Fatigue Management

On this episode it is with great pleasure to have Mike Tuchscherer back on the podcast.

Mike was previously on the podcast way back in episode 57.

Mike is the owner and head coach at Reactive Training Systems. Mike was the first man from USA powerlifting the win a gold medal at the world games, and he has coached over a dozen competitors at the world championships, a score of national champions, and multiple world record holders.

On the episode Mike and I discussed:

- Whats new at RTS

- Determining Training Volumes and other Outside stressors

- How a Lifters Psychological make-up can determine certain programming factors

- Monitoring stress within training

- Some Program Design questions around Main Lift and Assistance Movements

- And so much more.

This was a great conversion with Mike and I hope you guys enjoy it!

Stay Strong,


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