Episode 161: Jonas Dodoo - All Things Speed Development

This episodes guest is Jonas Dodoo from Speed Works.

Jonas developed as a coach through his passion for speed and power and was lucky enough to be under the tutelage of Master Coach Dan Pfaff for four years.

Jonas has worked with many elite performers across a range of sports but with his main successors and main role within Track and Field.

Jonas currently has an Elite Group of Sprinters based out of the National Institute at Loughborough and he is also currently Consulting at Premiership and Championship Football and Rugby clubs working with their staff and first team players.


On this episode Jonas and I discuss:

  • Jonas' background
  • Jonas and I discuss his about his experience being mentored under Dan Pfaff for more the 4 years
  • Jonas share with us his other personal and professional influences
  • What are the good and not so good things that Jonas currently see's with the physical preparation and sports medicine professions, and what solutions would he offer for the not so good things he is seeing
  • Jonas gives us an indepth breakdown on how he develops acceleration and maximum velocity with both track and field and team based athletes - Here Jonas overviews his technical model, common mistakes that he sees, corrective strategies he might apply, his programming of volumes and intensities, and his thoughts on general physical preparation training in the supportive process for making athletes faster (i.e. strength and power training methiods)
  • Jonas describes his assessment protocol for getting an insight into an athletes physical capacity profile
  • Jonas and I discuss the difference in the technical models of pusher vs pullers, and how this may impact how you coach the athletes within these very general classifications - Here I ask Jonas about his thoughts on using front-side mechanic dominant drills with back-side dominant sprints (i.e. pushers)
  • Jonas gives us his thoughts on speed endurance development
  • Jonas tells us his strategy for working on an athletes and strengths and weaknesses
  • Jonas gives us some insight into his programming,organization and periodization of his training cycles with his athletes
  • Jonas shares with us his biggest lessons he has learned so far in his career and life
  • Jonas shares his top resources
  • Jonas gives us his top advice to all the listeners
  • And Finally, if Jonas could invite 5 people to dinner, dead or alive, who would he invite and why?


This was an outstanding episode and I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!

Stay Strong,



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