Episode 137: Jeff Moyer - Biomechanics, Special Strength Training, and Training Transfer

This episodes guest is Jeff Moyer from Dynamic Correspondence Sports Training, which is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

Jeff Graduated in 2004 from Hartwick College where he was a two sport athlete (Football & Track & Field).  Jeff has been a sport coach (Basketball & Football) at the youth, JV, Varsity and College level for football for over 10years.  Jeff has been in the strength in conditioning industry for over a decade, having worked in the medical, private, team, high school and collegiate settings, training clients from youth development, to rehabilitation and sport performance. 

Jeff has a relentless passion for all things physical preparation.  His pedagogy is heavily influenced by Eastern Bloc sport science, while apprenticing under Dr. Michael Yessis and Yosef Johnson of Ultimate Athlete Concepts.  Jeff has also been fortunate enough to extensively study with and work with Dr. Natalia Verkhoshansky, Mike Woicik of the Dallas Cowboys,  Louie Simmons of Wesitside Barbell and Fellowship under Dave Tate of EliteFTS.

Jeff has numerous published articles, podcasts and videos for various websites and publications. 

On this episode Jeff and I discussed:

  • Jeff's background
  • Jeff's influences
  • The good and not so good things that Jeff see's within the physical preparation profession, and what solutions would Jeff offer to help correct the not so 
  • Jeff speaks about biomechanics and transfer to training
  • Jeff gives us a deep insight into his training system
  • Jeff speaks about how to assess and training vision
  • Jeff speaks about special strength training
  • Jeff and I discuss variation in training
  • Jeff touches on some of his energy system training his does with his athletes
  • And much more

This was a great episode with Jeff and I hope you really it guys!

Stay Strong,

Show Notes:

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