Episode 116: Michael McEvoy from Metabolic Healing discusses All Things Health & Wellness

This episode's guest is Michael McEvoy from Metabolic Healing.

Michael is a clinician and educator who is creating Functional Medicine-based platforms, which integrates modern health data analysis with evidence-based therapeutic interventions using nutraceutical and botanical formulations.

Michael is a systems creator, integrator and synthesizer of diverse clinical modalities. 

Through unique educational and teaching endeavors, Michael's objective is to assemble a network of the world's top clinicians to meet the demands and challenges of 21st century functional medicine, and to implement the analytical tools and frameworks required. 

Michael can be considered an intelligence agent/expert scouring the diverse sources coming online in order to assist practitioners through evidence-based models, tools, and education. 

He is currently designing the Metabolic Healing Educational Institute, a vital adjunct to clinicians committed to cutting-edge continuing education.

On this episode Michael and I discuss:

- Michael’s background and influence

- Michael’s take on what true health actual is

- Michael’s overarching philosophy on optimizing health and wellness

- Biochemical Individuality

- What current areas of research is Michael most excited about

- The biggest lessons Michael has learned so far throughout his life and career to date

- Michael’s top resources

This was a great episode guys so I hope you all really enjoy it. 

Stay Strong, 

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