Episode 114: Eric Helms - Nutritional Hierarchy - Part 1 of 3

This Episodes guest Eric Helms from 3D Muscle Journey.

Eric is a coach, athlete, author, and educator. A trainer since the early 2000’s, he’s worked in the US Air force, commercial gyms, private training studios, medical fitness and strength and conditioning facilities. As a part of 3DMJ he coaches drug free strength and physique competitors at all levels. Eric has competed since the mid 2000’s in natural bodybuilding, unequipped powerlifting and  recently in Olympic lifting. He earned pro status as a natural bodybuilder with the PNBA in 2011 and competes with the IPF at international level events as an unequipped powerlifter.

Eric has published multiple peer reviewed articles in exercise science and nutrition journals and writes commerical fitness publications. He has taught undergraduate and graduate level nutrition and exercise science and speaks internationally at academic and commerical conferences for fitness, nutrition and strength and conditioning. Eric has a BSc in Fitness and Wellness , an MSc in Exercise Science, a second MSc in Sports Nutrition , and is a Strength and Conditioning PhD Candidate at AUT in New Zealand.

On this episode Eric and I discussed about his muscle and strength pyramid - nutritional manual.

This episode is Part 1 of a 3-Part series, where we cover the first three levels of Eric's Nutritional Hierarchy - Energy Balance, Macronutrients & Fibre, Micronutrients and Water. 

This was a great episode guys so I hope you all really enjoy it.

Stay Strong,

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