Episode 103: Interview with Pat Davidson - Part 1 - Background, Influences, Training Philosophy, LTAD

This episodes guest is Pat Davidson.

Pat has a PhD in Exercise Physiology and has previously been a Professor of Exercise Science at Brooklyn College and Springfield College. Pat has an extensive background in Strongman Training, wrestling and Martial Arts. Pat is one of the most intelligent and well read individuals I have had the pleasure to interact with on the show. Pat is one of those rare individuals who realizes that its all connected. To put it simply - Pat "Gets it!"

On this episode Pat and I discussed:

- Pats Background & Influences
- The good and not so good things that Pat see's within the Physical Preparation Profession
- Pat's Training Philosophy
- Pat goes in deep detail in a Long-Term Athlete Development
- Pat's goes in deep detail with regards to Energy System Development
- We discuss the genesis of Pat's Hypertrophy building program - MASS
- What Pat considers to the biggest mistakes that he has learned from so far in his career
- Pat's top advice to all coaches
- And so much more.

This was such a monster of a podcast that I have decided to split it up into 3 Parts.

Enjoy Part 1.

Stay Strong,

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