Episode 98: Interview with Daniel Martinez - Sport Science and Studying at Edith Cowan University

This episodes guest is Strength and Conditioning Coach Daniel Martinez.

Daniel is located in San Antonio, Texas, where he is involved in the development of a number athletes across multiple sports, particularly volleyball.

Daniel is currently completing his Masters in Strength and Conditioning at Edith Cowan University.

On this episode Daniel and I discuss:
- Daniel's Background and Influences

- Daniel's overall thoughts on the training process, i.e. his training principles
- Daniels on the Reactive Strength Index and training to develop elasticity
- Daniel's thoughts on technology with the strength and conditioning profession
- Mistakes and Lessons learned so far in his career
- Advice to all coaches
- Would Daniel invite to dinner?
- And More

Hope you guys really enjoy the show.

Stay Strong,

Show Notes:

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