Episode 260: Anthony Donskov - Coaching, training models, and learning

This episode's guest is Anthony Donskov.

Anthony Donskov is the founder and head performance coach at Donskov Strength and Conditioning. He’s also the author of two books; Physical Preparation for Hockey: Biological Principles and Practical solutions, and The Gain, Go, Grow Manual: Programming for High Performance Hockey Players. 

Anthony hold's an undergraduate degree from Miami University, Ohio, a Masters Degree in Exercise Science from The California University, PA, and PhD in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from Western University, London, Ontario. 


On this episode Anthony and I discuss:

  • Anthony's background?
  • What was Anthony's PhD dissertation in?
  • Why did Anthony go from a business education to a career in strength and conditioning
  • Anthony's biggest influences?
  • Why is Anthony a coach?
  • I ask Anthony about coaching burn-out
  • Anthony's shares with us his training model
  • I ask Anthony about elastic-reactive strength development with ice-hockey players
  • How does Anthony Learn?
  • Anthony's top and current book recommendations
  • If Anthony could invite 5 people to dinner, dead or alive, who would he invite and why?

This was a great discussion with Anthony and I hope you guys really enjoy it.

Stay Strong,

Show Notes:

Website - donskovsc.com

Facebook - Anthony Donskov

Twitter - @AnthonyDonskov

Instagram - anthonydonskov


Podcasts Mentioned:

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Books Mentioned: 

Physical Preparation for Ice Hockey

The Gain, Go, Grow Manual: Programming for High Performance Hockey Players

Force: The Biomechanics of Training

The Tyranny of Metrics

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration 

Statistics for People Who (Think They) Hate Statistics

Objective Knowledge: An Evolutionary Approach

Man's Search for Meaning 


People and Resources Mentioned:

The High Performance Hockey MasterClass

Westside Barbell

Mike Boyle


Conor Harris

Chris Poulin

Jen Poulin

John McMahon

St. Mary's University - MSc Strength and Conditioning 

Dan Dalrymple 

Fergus Connolly

Dan Pfaff

Brett Bartholomew

Joe "House" Kenn

Hawkin Dynamics

Devan McConnell

Jim Reeves

Anatoliy Bondarchuk

Derek Evely

Martin Bissinger

James "The Thinker" Smith 

Yuri Verkhoshansky 

Frans Bosch

Charlie Francis

Buddy Morris

Stu McMillan

Karl Popper

Tupac Shakur 

Bruce Springsteen

Dan Cleather 

Aaron Haspel

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