Episode 259: Tim Caron - Influences, training system, and strength deficit

This episode's guest is Tim Caron.

Tim is the head coach at Allegiate. Tim's last stop before Allegiate was as head strength and conditioning coach for football at Army West Point. He served in that role for three seasons, the final of which Army defeated Navy for the first time in fifteen years. Prior to that, Tim was an associate strength coach at USC where he was in charge of swimming and diving, and assisted with football. He was directly in charge of nutrition, return to play, and the football’s internship program. 


On this episode Tim and I discuss:

  • Tim's background?
  • Tim's influences
  • I ask Tim about his training system
  • Why did Tim write "Strength Deficit"

This was a great discussion with Tim and I hope you guys really enjoy it

Stay Strong,

Show Notes:

Website - Coach Tim Caron

Instagram - coachtimcaron


Podcasts Mentioned:

Performance Health Podcast 

How I Built This - NPR

Books Mentioned: 

Strength Deficit


Good to Great 

American Caesars


People and Resources Mentioned:

Mark Kilgallon (No internet contact information)

Tim Mullen 

Craig Fitzgerald 

Eric Ciano 

Neal Peduzzi 

Aaron Ausmus

Noel Durfey 

Bobby Knight 

Mike Boyle

Charles Poliquin 

Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s

Stu McMillan

Charlie Francis 

Bill Hartman 

Isaac Newton

Abraham Lincoln 

Charles Darwin

Robert Hooke


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