Episode 256: Bret Contreras - A discussion on hypertrophy

This episode's guest is Bret Contreras.

You all know who Bret is!

On this episode Bret and I discuss:

  • What's new since we last saw each other in February 2017?
  • I ask Bret about long-term hypertrophy development 
  • I ask Bret about quad development for a tall individual
  • Bret talks about his "Strong Lifts" program
  • I ask Bret about the mind-muscle connection
  • I ask Bret about the importance of both mechanical tension and volume.
  • I ask Bret if he ever takes a 1-2 week break from heavy lifting?

This was a great discussion with Bret and I hope you guys really enjoy it

Stay Strong,

Show Notes:

Website - bretcontreras.com

Facebook - Bret Contreras PhD

Twitter - @bretcontreras

Instagram - bretcontreras1


Books Mentioned:

Christian Thibaudeau's Guide to Hypertrophy


Research Mentioned:

Understanding effort in task performance

People and Resources Mentioned:

Chris Beardsley

Mel Siff


Christian Thibaudeau

Vince Gironda

Jay Culter

Dorian Yates

Tom Platz

Lee Priest 

Chris Cormier

James Steele

Dante Trudel

Dog Crap (DC) Training

Scott Stevenson 

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