Episode 252 - David Joyce - High Performance Training for Sports - Part Duex!

This episode's guest is David Joyce. David is the High Performance Leader and Strategy Specialist at Synapsing—a sports-strategy and decision-making consultancy.

For more than two decades in his career in elite performance, David has trained, rehabilitated, and maintained multiple world champions, Olympians, and more than 100 national champions. He was the Head of Athletic Performance of the Greater Western Sydney Giants in the Australian Football League. He is also the first athletic performance coach in history to work with team China after working with another national Olympic team.

On this episode Joycey and I discuss:

  • What's new with Joycey?
  • Why did Joycey get into consultancy work?
  • I ask Joycey if would ever considered returning to a full-time role with a sports organisation?
  • Why did he and Daniel decided to produce the 2nd edition of High Performance Training for Sports?
  • I ask Joycey on the structure the book, the contributors, and the topics covered within the book
  • I ask Joycey for his main take away's from this edition of the book
  • We discuss the chapter structure within the book
  • I ask Joycey if he and Daniel will produce a 2nd edition of Sports Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation?
  • We discuss the timeline involved in the process for producing the 2nd edition of HPTS
  • I ask Joycey if Covid was a vice or a virtue in the production of HPTS
  • Joycey shares what a day in his life is currently like
  • I ask Joycey about parenthood
  • I ask Joycey how he learns?
  • I ask Joycey for his current and top book recommendations?
  • I ask Joycey if he meditates?
  • I ask Joycey, if he could invite 5 people to dinner, dead of alive, who would he invite and why?
  • Joycey shares with us the current services he provides and where he can be contact.

This was a great discussion with Joycey and I hope you guys really enjoy it

Stay Strong,


Show Notes:

Facebook - David Joyce

Twitter - @DavidGJoyce


Podcast's Mentioned:

The Armchair Expert Podcast


Books Mentioned:

High Performance Training for Sports 2nd Edition

Sports Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation: Integrating Medicine and Science for Performance Solutions 1st Edition

Radical Uncertainty

Atomic Habits


The Good Ancestor 


People and Resources Mentioned:

Daniel Lewindon

Brett Bartholomew

Nick Winkelman

Sam Robertson 

Jacqueline Tran

Matt Jordan

Martin Buchheit

Paul Laursen

John Kiely

Shona L. Halson

Lorena Torres-Ronda

Rett Larson

Stu McMillan

Jean-Benoit Morin

Darcy Norman

Keir Wenham-Flatt

Jas Randhawa


Mark Kilgannon

Woody Guthrie

Adolf Hilter

Barack Obama

Dax Sheppard


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