Episode 250: Pat Davidson - A Coaches Guide to Optimizing Movement - Part 2 - Foundational Principles

In Part 2 Pat discusses:

  • Pat shares with us the content that is covered in his "Rethinking the Big Patterns 2.0" course. 
  • His current track and field training program
  • Pat's cover's the first three (of six) foundational principles from his book "A Coaches Guide to Optimizing Movement"

This was a great discussion with Pat and I hope you guys really enjoy it.

Stay Strong,


Show Notes:

Website - patdavidson.net

Facebook - Pat Davidson

Twitter - @pat_davidson_

Instagram - dr.patdavidson


Books Mentioned:

A Coaches Guide to Optimizing Movement

How Much Should I Train


People and Resources Mentioned:

Bill Hartman 

Bill Hartman's Intensive

Iordan Krouchev

Connor Ryan

Derek Hansen

Postural Restoration Institute (PRI)

Athletic Weapon

Al Vermeil

Bill Walsh

San Francisco 49ers

Renaissance Periodization diet app

Jordan Shallow


Mike Boyle

Applications of Systematic Exercise Prescription Seminar


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