Episode 240: Cameron Josse - athlete performance coach with Indiana University Football

This episodes guest is Cameron Josse

Cam is currently in his second season as an athletic performance coach with the football program at Indiana University Bloomington. 

Cams bio:

• Owns seven years of experience preparing and managing multiple levels of athletes.

• Trained over 40 professional athletes, including NFL, NHL, UFC and WWE talents.

• Came to IU from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where he served as associate director of football performance.

• Spent eight years working with DeFranco’s Training Systems (2013-14), DeFranco’s Gym at the Onnit Academy (2014-16) and DeFranco’s Training & Consulting (2016-20). 

• Earned his bachelor of science in kinesiology from the University of Rhode Island and his master’s degree in exercise science from William Patterson University.

• Played defensive back at Rhode Island from 2010-13.

• Holds CSCS, CPR/AED, CPPS and FRCms certifications.

On this episode Cam and I discuss:

  • Cam's transition from the private to the collegiate sector
  • I asked Cam how he and his partner have dealt with moving to several different states over the past few years
  • I ask Cam to give the listeners some background on Football at University
  • I ask Cam how they have dealt with physical preparation of their players during Covid-19
  • I ask Cam about the biggest difference between the private and team setting?
  • I ask Cam about speed development for team sport athletes
  • I ask Cam what is he reading?
  • I ask Cam - how does he learn?

This was an outstanding episode and I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!

Stay Strong,



Show Notes:

Twitter - @IUCoachJosse


Books Mentioned:

The Process - Level 1

The Process - Level 2


Podcasts Mentioned:

ATSW: Episode 205: Shawn Myszka (aka - The Movement Miyagi) - All things skill acquisition and movement mastery

OPEX Podcast - Shawn Myszka Ep 9

OPEX Podcast - Shawn Myszka - Ep 96


People and Resources Mentioned:

Joe DeFranco

Aaron Wellman


Stu McMillan 

Indiana Football

Chris Laskowski

Bobby Knight

Tom Allen

Justin Collett

Pete Remmes

Chris Allen

2021 Indiana Coaching Football Staff

ALTIS - Need for Speed course

Mike Guadango

Buddy Morris

James Smith 

Charlie Francis

Dan Pfaff

JB Morin

Ken Clarke

Shawn Myszki

Fergus Connolly

Nick Ward 

Cynefin Framework

Newell's constraint based-model

Matt Cross

Pierre Samozino

Micheál Cahill

James Wild

Johan Lahti

Peter Weyand

Ryu Nagahara

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