Episode 230: Pat Davidson - Life, Rethinking the Big Patterns 2.0, mastery, objective metrics for training, his new book, asking for feedback, body composition goals, learning and retention.

He's back - Enjoy!

On this episode:

  • We catch up with each other
  • We talk about Rethinking the Big Patterns 2.0
  • We talk about creating content and mastering a topic
  • Pat speaks about his potential partnership with Keiser
  • I ask Pat about his next book
  • We discuss about receiving feedback from the people in your close circle
  • I ask Pat about his Body Comp goals
  • We discuss learning, recall, and retention
  • We talk about about the NFL at the time of this recording

This was an outstanding episode and I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!

Stay Strong,



Show Notes:

Website - drpatdavidson.com

Facebook - Pat Davidson

Instagram - dr.patdavidson


- MASS 2

Online Seminar Recordings:

- The Reckoning
- The Reckoning - Part Deux
- Rethinking The Big Patterns


Podcasts Mentioned:

Muscle Intelligence Podcast # 62 - Can we stop aging? A conversation with biomedical gerontologist Aubrey de Grey

D&D Fitness Radio Podcast - Episode 038 - Dr Pat Davidson: Mass & Hype in NYC Fitness

The Tim Ferriss Show - Ray Dalio, The Steve Jobs of Investing (#264)

Master the Laws of Human Nature with Robert Greene and Lewis Howes

Robert Greene - Power, Seduction & War | London Real

Books Mentioned:

Everything is Fucked

The Subtle Art of not giving

Make it Stick

Game Changer


Homo Deus

The Four Agreements

The War of Art

Thinking Fast and Slow

Laws of Human Nature

48 Laws of Power

Art of Seduction


Articles Mentioned:

An Objective Biomechanics Model for Better Program Design


People and Resources Mentioned:

Bill Hartman's - Intensive

Mark Manson 

Mike Israetel

Gabrielle Fundaro

Hype Gym

Jim Ferris

Matej Hocevar

Luka Hocevar

Eric Cressey

Mike Robertson

Fergus Connolly

Aubrey de Grey

Ben Pakulski

Immanuel Kant

Abraham Lincoln 

The Buddha 

Ben House

Yuval Noah Harari

Alan Watts

Gary Vayernchuk

Brian Rose

Jordan Peterson

Zac Cupples 

Carl Valle

The Reckoning 1.0

Bill Hartman

Doug Kechijian

Mike Ranfone

Mike Boyle

Westside Barbell 

Postural Restoration Institute 

Derek Hansen

Lee Taft

Ray Dalio

George Carlin

Jim Jefferies

Louis C.K 

David (Michelangelo)

Ethan Grossman

Charles Poliquin

Dan Harris

John Berardi 

Jordan Harbinger

Steven Pressfield

Daniel Kahneman

James Fitzgerald 

Steve Jobs

Elon Musk

Nikola Tesla

Thomas Edison

Robert Green

Stu McMillan

Jim Kwik

Bill Belichick

Tom Landry 

Antonio Brown

Lamar Jackson

Don Shula

Joe Gibbs

Chuck Noll

Rob Gronkowski

Julian Edelman

Bill Parcells

John Gruden


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