Episode 211: Derek Hansen - The life of a high performance sport consultant

This episodes guest is Derek Hansen from sprintcoach.com and strengthpowerspeed.com

Derek is an International Sport Performance Consultant that has been working with athletes of all ages and abilities in speed, strength and power sports since 1988. His coaching career started in Track and Field, providing instruction to sprinters of all ages eventually working with collegiate sprinters, hurdlers and jumpers. His career evolved rapidly working closely with some of the top performers in the world as a coach and a consultant – including Olympic medalists, world record holders, Canadian National team athletes, and professional athletes from numerous sports. He worked as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Simon Fraser University for 14 years, the first non-US member of the NCAA. He also serves as a performance consultant to numerous professional teams in the NFL, NBA, MLS and NHL, as well as major NCAA Division 1 programs throughout North America, specializing in speed development, strategic performance planning, return-to-competition protocols and neuromuscular electrical stimulation programming. Derek is asked to speak on speed development and high performance training on a regular basis for major events around the world and has also authored a number of books, chapters and journal articles on these subjects.

On this episode Derek and I discuss:

  • Whats new with Derek
  • I ask Derek - What is the role of a sports performance consultant?
  • I ask Derek what is his process when he consults
  • I ask Derek how does he deal with any staff who perceive him as a treat to their role?
  • I ask Derek how does he stay in communication with his clients
  • I ask Derek does he seek feedback on his own performance as a consultant?
  • I ask Derek about what strategies he puts in place tm manage his circadian rhythms, sleep, nutrition, and exercise when his travels?
  • I ask Derek about executing some high CNS stimuli on the low days of the high/low model
  • I ask Derek what, if any, objective feedback measurements did he use when applying the High/Low model
  • I ask Derek how did Charlie develop the High/Low model?
  • I ask Derek what is he currently reading?
  • I ask Derek if there is anything he does on a daily basis that is essential to his day?
  • I ask Derek what are the biggest things he has learned since we last spoke in 2015
  • I ask Derek how he learns
  • I ask Derek how can you decide if someone is an expert?
  • I ask Derek if he wasn't Canadian, where would be like to have been from?
  • I ask Derek how he time in NYC with Pat Davidson and Doug Kechijian
  • I ask Derek, if he only had one year left on planet earth, how would he spend that year and why?
  • I ask Derek, if he could invite 5 people to dinner, dead and alive, who would he invite and why?


This was an outstanding episode and I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!

Stay Strong,



Show Notes:

Website - sprintcoach.com

Website - strengthpowerspeed.com

Facebook - Derek M. Hansen

Twitter - @DerekMHansen

Instagram - derekmhansen

YouTube - Derek M Hansen


Podcasts Mentioned:

ATSW: Episode 197: Tim DiFrancesco - Professional sports, coaching burn-out, happiness, and fulfillment

Videos Mentioned:

Family Guy - Peter asks Macgyver for help

Books Mentioned:

High Performance Training for Sports

Game Changer

The System: Soviet Periodization Adapted for the American Strength Coach


People and Resources Mentioned:

Mike Boyle

Fergus Connolly

Bill Hartman

Alwyn Cosgrove 

David Joyce

Daniel Lewindon

Tim DiFrrancesco


Jeff Zeilstra

Buddy Morris

Charlie Francis

Dan Pfaff

Chris Korfish

Greg Rutherford

Stu McMillian


Val Nasedkin


Marlon Brando

Benicio del Toro

Stella Adler

Jack Nicholson

Vladimir Issurin 

Daniel Kahneman

Angie Coon

Al Vermeil

Rob Panariello

Johnny Parker

Al Miller


Richard Dean Anderson

Jack White

Doug Kechijian

Pat Davidson

Bruce Lee

Jim Croce



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