Episode 209: Dr. Ian Dunican - Sleep and Performance - Part 2 - sleep cycles, caffeine, and sleep disorders

This episodes is Part 2 of my discussion with Dr. Ian Dunican from Sleep4Performance.com.

For Part 1: Click here 

Ian has over 20 years international professional experience in health, safety and improvement within military, mining, rail, oil & gas and utilities. His work draws on his background in the military, the resources sector, utilities, rail industries and with elite sporting organisations.

Ian has worked with major mining companies to develop fatigue risk management strategies and systems requiring the quantification, analysis and interpretation of multiple data streams to support health, safety, financial strength and productivity. Ian has led and guided projects all over the world including Mozambique, South Africa, Canada, USA, Australia and Mongolia.

He is currently the Director of Melius Consulting/Sleep4Performance and has recently completed a PhD with the University of Western Australia (UWA), where he worked with elite sporting organisations/athletes to optimise performance. Ian is highly sought after with professional athletes, working with Olympic and elite athletes with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and professional teams in Super Rugby, Basketball, Australian Rules Football (AFL) and martial arts (judo, boxing, grappling).

On this episode Ian and I discuss:

  • We discuss 90 minute sleep cycles 
  • We discuss human biases and instant gratification 
  • We discuss caffeine and its effects on human health and performance
  • I ask Ian about caffeine effects on adenosine and sleep pressure
  • I ask Ian for his thoughts on meal timing
  • We discuss sleep disorders
  • I asked Ian about this thoughts on meal composition its effects on sleep


This was an outstanding episode and I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!

Stay Strong,



Show Notes:

Website - sleep4performance.com.au

Website - meliusconsulting.com.au

Facebook - Sleep4Performance

Twitter - @sleep4perform

Instagram - sleep4perform


Podcasts Mentioned:


Research and Articles Mentioned:

Caffeine use in a Super Rugby game and its relationship to post-game sleep.

The impact of meal timing on performance, sleepiness, gastric upset, and hunger during simulated night shift

Obstructive Sleep Apnea among Players in the National Football League: A Scoping Review

Prevalence of sleep disorders and sleep problems in an elite super rugby union team.


Books Mentioned:


The Circadian Code

People and Resources Mentioned:

Mattew Walker

Amy Bender

Dominic D'agostino

Robert Sapolsky 

Pat Davidson

Peter Kay

Greg Potter

Satchin Panda

Dr. Jack Kruse

Siobhan Banks


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