Episode 207: Pat Davidson - Allostasis, sport vs health, humans and our animal instincts, and 2019 and beyond!

What more do I need to say....?

He's back - Enjoy!

On this episode Pat and I discussed:

  • Whats new with Pat
  • We discuss how humans allostatic ability has decrease in the modern world leading to an increase risk of injury, disease, and sickness
  • I ask Pat to share his thoughts on sport vs health, and what does he define as health?
  • I ask Pat how he measures V02max
  • I ask Pat for his thoughts psychological health
  • I ask Pats for his thoughts on why humans need to be able to express their wild/ animal nature to maintain balance and overall health
  • I ask Pat to share with us his highlights of 2018 and also fills us in on what he has going on in 2019
  • I ask Pat what is he currently reading

This was an outstanding episode and I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!

Stay Strong,



Show Notes:

Website - drpatdavidson.com

Facebook - Pat Davidson

Instagram - dr.patdavidson


- MASS 2

Online Seminar Recordings:

- The Reckoning
- The Reckoning - Part Deux
- Rethinking The Big Patterns


Podcasts Mentioned:

GYMLAIRD 32 – Dr. Pat Davidson

Joe Rogan Experience #968 - Kelly Brogan

Books Mentioned:


21 Lessons for the 21st Century

People and Resources Mentioned:

Dr. Ben House

Ethan Grossman

Bill Hartman

Bill Belichick

Tom Landry

Kelly Brogan

Joe Rogan

Jordan Peterson

The epic of Gilgamesh

Joseph Chilton Pearce

Dalai Lama

Hype Gym

Wheeler Ranch Retreat 2019

Mike Israetel & Pat's Seminar 

Mike T Nelson

RPR Level 1 and Level 2 at Hype Gym - Taught by Mike T Nelson

Ben Houses Costa Rica Retreats - Nutrition & Training

The Revolution - Pure Performance

Zac Cupples

Seth Oberest

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ronald Reagan

Jesse Ventura - Predator Movie

Melding of the Minds

Jim Laird

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