Episode 201: Todd Bumgardner - Understanding human behavior and how to develop communication skills

This episodes guest is Todd Bumgardner from Toddbumgardner.com, Beyond Strength Performance ,and Strength Fraction.

Todd is a fitness coach, writer, business owner, and outdoorsman from the woods and ridges of Central Pennsylvania. He currently lives in Virginia where he co-owns and operates Beyond Strength Performance NOVA--a training gym that features semi-private, group, and personal training. He's also the co-founder, and lead, at Strength Faction--an online coaching and mentoring program designed and committed to helping fitness coaches grow personally and professionally by improving their self-care to avoid burnout and providing them with the program design, coaching, and systems to help them build a stable and long-lasting career. When he's not working, he's hiking up a mountain, hunting, or fly fishing somewhere in America's outdoors."

On this episode Todd and I discuss:

  • Todd's background
  • We discuss human behavior, communication, and understanding
  • I ask Todd about the assessment process the conduct at Beyond Strength Performance
  • I ask Todd for his current book recommendation 

This was an outstanding episode and I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!

Stay Strong,



Show Notes:

Website - www.toddbumgardner.com

Website - Beyond Strength Performance

Website - Strength Fraction

Facebook - Beyond Strength Performance NOVA

Facebook - Todd Bumgardner

Twitter - @BumTodd

Instagram - bspnova


Books Mentioned:


Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance 



Videos Mentioned:

Louis C.K. - "Why"


People and Resources Mentioned:

Bill Hartman

Mike Roussell

Adee Cazayoux

Kristen White

Robert Sapolsky 

Patrick Ward

Carl Rogers

Neil Rampe

Arizona Diamondbacks

LA Dodgers


Jas Rawandha

Mike Wu



Mike Ranfone

Mike Connolly

Anthony Renna

Danny Lennon

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