Episode 196: Mike Reinold & Kiefer Lammi from Champion Physical Therapy & Performance

This episodes guests are Mike Reinold and Kiefer Lammi from Champion Physical Therapy and Performance.

Mike is considered a world-renowned leader in the field of sports medicine, rehabilitation, fitness, and sports performance. As a physical therapist and certified strength and conditioning specialist, Mike uses his background in sport biomechanics, movement quality, muscles imbalances, and manual therapy to specialize in all aspects of human performance. He has worked extensively with a variety of professional athletes with emphasis on the care of throwing injuries in baseball players.

Mike specializes in all sports and orthopedic injuries throughout the body, as well as enhancing movement quality and performance in people looking to get the most out of their bodies.

Mike is an active researcher and educator, teaching 100,000’s of fitness and rehabilitation professionals each year through his publications, website, and educational products.

Kiefer is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA. He earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Exercise Science with a focus in strength and conditioning at the University of Connecticut. While there, he walked on to the 4x National Champion Men’s Basketball team and played for two seasons while at the same time interning with the strength & conditioning program for men’s basketball, men’s and women’s soccer.

After graduating from UConn, Kiefer interned at Cressey Sports Performance in Hudson, MA and went on to start a strength & conditioning program at a Division III college and also coach at a semi-private training facility in Connecticut. He has trained professional, collegiate, and high school athletes of various sports, as well as helped general fitness clients of all backgrounds move better and stronger than ever before.

Kiefer first and foremost considers himself a student of the field in pursuit of creating the best possible athlete experience to help each individual reach their goals.

On this episode Mike, Kiefer and I discuss:

  • The guys background 
  • I ask Mike how did he find the switch from professional sport to owning his own facility in the private setting
  • I ask the guys to discuss the integrated approach that they embrace at Champion
  • I ask the guys where is the line between the rehab realm vs the performance realm
  • I ask the guys to outline the training system at Champion
  • I ask the guys about Champions online training and educational platforms
  • I ask the guys how do they qualify the level their online clients
  • I ask the guys how do they monitor their online clients training?
  • I ask the guys about the nutritional support they offer within the online programming
  • I ask the guys about their top influences
  • I ask Mike - how does his build a team environment and open communication at Champion
  • I ask Mike - how does he ensure that his team continue to grow and still feel fulfilled 
  • I ask they guys - what are the good and not so good things that they currently see within the physical preparation and rehabilitation professions, and what solutions would they offer for the not so good things that they are seeing
  • I ask the guys - what have been the biggest lessons they have learned so far in their lives and career
  • I ask the guys - How do they they learn?
  • I ask the guys for their top resources
  • I ask the guys for their top life advice
  • I ask the guys if the have an essential daily ritual 
  • I ask the guys if they only had 1 year left on Planet Earth - how would they spend that year and why?
  • I ask the guys if they could invite 5 people to dinner, dead or alive, who would they invite and why?


This was an outstanding episode and I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!

Stay Strong,



Show Notes:

Website - championptandperformance.com

Facebook - Champion Physical Therapy and Performance

Twitter - @ChampionPTP

Instagram - championptp

Books Mentioned:


Podcast Mentioned:

Mind Muscle Project: Ep 201 - How to gain extreme Flexibility with minimal effort with Dave Tilley

People and Resources Mentioned:

Mike Boyle

Eric Cressey

Boston Red Sox

Optimal Shoulder Performance - Cressey and Reinold


Kevin Wilk

James Andrews

Dan Pope

Dave Tilley

Jim Calhoun

Tuff Girl Fitness

Glenn Fliesig 

Lenny Maccrina

Mike Scaduto

Dan Pfaff

Warren Buffet

Eddie Vedder

Michael Jordan

Tupac Shakur

JK Rowling

Benjamin Franklin

Steve Jobs

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