Episode 195: Fergus Connolly - Developing a High Performance Environment

This episode sees the return of Fergus Connolly, who was previously on the podcast back in episode 151.

Dr. Fergus Connolly is one of the world’s foremost human performance thought leaders and influencers, and has applied performance science with leading sports, military, and business teams. He is the only coach to have full times roles in every major sport, including soccer (Liverpool, Bolton Wanderers), professional and college football (San Francisco 49s and University of Michigan) and rugby (Welsh national team).

On this episode Fergus and I discuss:

  • Fergus shares with us whats new since the we last spoke
  • I ask Fergus about the upcoming books he is about to release - 59 Lessons and The Process
  • I ask Fergus if he had all the resources available to him - how would he set up a high performance environment 
  • I ask Fergus about the importance of appreciating the psychological element when interacting with players within an interdisciplinary team 
  • I ask Fergus what is a performance facilitator?
  • I ask Fergus - does he feel that the education system for sport performance needs to change to something like medical school?
  • Fergus and I discuss mastery
  • I ask Fergus about hiring the right people to work in a high performance team
  • I then ask Fergus how can an employer ensure that the individuals they hire have the adequate character, capability, and capacity to be considered as the right person for a specific role
  • I ask Fergus how important is it that everyone on a performance team to has an understanding of human behavior 
  • I ask Fergus is there any future technologies that he currently sees that will and will not be of a big benefit to sports performance
  • I ask Fergus about his experience at ALTIS back in June 2018
  • Fergus and I discuss the importance of context and why its always important to not make assumptions
  • I ask Fergus - what areas outside of coaching are important for coaches to embrace
  • I ask Fergus - are there any individuals that he feels people should study
  • I ask Fergus if he could interview anyone dead or alive who would he interview and why?
  • I ask Fergus - does his have a daily ritual that is essential to his day
  • I ask Fergus what his current training and nutrition regime looks like
  • I ask Fergus are his current and top book recommendations 

This was an outstanding episode and I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!

Stay Strong,



Show Notes:

Website - fergusconnolly.com

Facebook - Fergus Connolly 

Twitter - @Fergus_Connolly

Instagram - fergus.connolly


Books Mentioned:

Game Changer

59 Lessons

59 Lessons - Amazon Link

The Process (No Link Yet!)


The Power of the Other


Why isnt my Brain working

You are not a Rock

You win with People

Mood Cure


Mind or War

Death Row Chaplin

Dan Brown Books

Lee Child Books

Why me want eat

Wild at heart


Articles Mentioned:

The Death of a Strength Coach

Podcast Mentioned:

Resilient Performance Podcast - Dr. Fergus Connolly

Pacey Performance Podcast #136 – Fergus Connolly

People and Resources Mentioned:

Mike Boyle

Dan Pfaff

Charlie Francis

Kelvin Giles

Cameron Josse

Vince Lombardi

Bill Walsh 

John Wooden

Clive Woodward

Aaron Best

Brendan Rogers 

Craig White

Sam Allardyce



James Smith

San Francisco 49ers

Roberts Sapolsky


Jorge Carvajal

Ken Clarke

Mike Robertson

Stephen Covey

Leonardo Da Vinci 

Wayne Bennett

Declan Kidney

Tony Smith

Biff Poggi

Corey Twine

Mark Naylor

Nate Barry

Bill Gates

Richard Branson

Donald Trump

Elon Musk

Steve Jobs

Krista Scott-Dixon

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