Episode 162: Dan Fichter - The Ultimate Sports Performance Innovator!

This episodes guest is Coach Dan Fichter from wanna get fast.

Dan Fichter owns and operates WannaGetFast Power/Speed Training, a sports performance training business in Rochester, NY and Tampa, FL that offers training to elite athletes. Fichter's clients have included pro hockey players, Olympic track and field athletes, pro baseball players, and MMA fighters, as well as coaching athletes in all sports from all over the country.  Dan is also in two different Halls of Fame for his own athletic prowess in football.


On this episode Dan and I discuss:

  • Dans background
  • Dan share with us his other personal and professional influences - such as Dr. Jack Kruse, Jay Schroeder, Mel Siff, Louie Simmons, Charlie Francis, Douglas Heel, and the infamous DB Hammer
  • What are the good and not so good things that Dan currently see's with the physical preparation profession, and what solutions would he offer for the not so good things he is seeing
  • Dan shares with us his training philosohpy - which is "train the brain" and "learn to accept force"
  • Dan gives us an indepth insight into his training system 
  • Dan shares with us the story of when Louie Simmons came to his facility to help him with some rehabilitation 
  • Dan talks about the importance of contralateral movements for brain health
  • Dan shares with us his jump assessment protocol to see how well an athlete can accept and express force
  • Dan and I discuss some of the concepts around the nervous system and endocrine system adaptations with trainig and how these adapatations influence planning and periodization
  • Dan takes us through how he would design a 12 week program for a hypothetical high level American Football player
  • Dan discusses the role that isometrics play with his training system
  • Dan speaks about how he incorporates vision training into his training system
  • Dan shares with us how he uses isometrics and vision training simultaneous within his programs
  • Dan discusses how he tries to respects circadian rhythms within his training programs
  • Dan and I discuss how strength as a bio-motor quality can be enhanced through many means - not just from weight training
  • Dan talks about how using extremely slow movements can enhance motor learning
  • Dan speaks about how he uses color stimulation through the eyes to enhance athletic preparation
  • Dan shares his top resources
  • Dan gives us his top advice to all the listeners
  • And Finally, if Dan could invite 5 people to dinner, dead or alive, who would he invite and why?


This was an outstanding episode and I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!

Stay Strong,



Show Notes:

Dans Website - wannagetfast.com

Dans Facebook

Dans Videos with Chris Korfish


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