Episode 155: Devan McConnell - Physical Preparation and Sport Science for Elite Ice Hockey Performance

This episodes guest is Devan McConnell. 

Devan McConnell is the Director of Sports Performance at UMass Lowell. At Lowell, Coach McConnell is directly responsible for all aspects of performance enhancement for the hockey team, including speed, strength, power, nutrition, and recovery.

Prior to his time at UMass Lowell, Devan was a Sports Performance Coach at Stanford University. At Stanford, he oversaw the development of the Men's and Women's Volleyball programs, as well as the Women's Basketball team.

On this episode Devan and discuss:

  • Devans background
  • Devans influences
  • Devan describes how Lowell have become one of the most most competitive teams in the Eastern Conference
  • What are the good and not so good things that Devan currently see's with the physical preparation profession, and what solutions would he offer for the not so good things he is seeing
  • Devan shares with us his Training Philosophy
  • Devan lays out his Training System at Lowell
  • Devan discusses how tactical periodization shapes his programming
  • Devan gives us an indepth insight into his athletic profiling system
  • Devan and I discuss jump profiling and RSI, and how RSI interpretation differs from on-ice athletes vs field, court, and track athletes. This is due to the unique ground reactions forces experienced in ice skating
  • From this Devan speaks about how this information shapes the explosive jumping and plyometric methods his uses within his programs for his ice hockey players
  • Devan shares the monitoring system he utilizes with his athletes
  • Devan shares with us his biggest lessons he has learned so far in his career and life
  • Devan and I discuss if non-contact injuries can really be prevented or just reduced
  • Devan shares his top resources
  • Devan gives us his top advice to all the listeners
  • And if Devan could invite 5 people to dinner, dead or alive, who would he invite and why?


This was an outstanding episode with Devan guys, and I hope you really enjoy it.

Stay Strong,



Show Notes:

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Devan's Email: dmcconnell29@gmail.com


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