Episode 127: Charlie Weingroff - What’s new, T=R3

This episode's we have Charlie Weingroff back on to discuss what's new in the life and career of Charlie and the release of his latest DVD product Training = Rehab 3. 

We get into many topics such as:

  • T = R 3
  • Skill Acquisition and Charlies go to resources for Skill acquisition
  • Charlies insights into Pain Science
  • PRI - Has Charlies thoughts changed on PRI since we last spoke?
  • What new assessment or clinical methods has Charlie started to incorporate into his training and rehabilitation protocols
  • We discuss frequency specific microcurrent (FSM)
  • Charlies thoughts on emotional state and pain preception 
  • Charlies thoughts on the FMS' Fundamental Capacity Screen

This was yet again an exellence show with Charlie.

Hope you guys enjoy it.

Stay Strong,


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