Episode 112: Dr. Bryan Mann on Altis, Muscle Physiology & Force, & Stress Monitoring for Athletes

On this episode I am delighted to have Dr. Bryan Mann back on the podcast. Bryan was previously on the show back in episode 91

Bryan is the Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning at the University of Missouri where he has worked since 2006.

Bryan has many Powerlifting accolades to his name in Raw, Single Ply, and Multiple Ply lifting. 

Bryan is also a researcher and author, having written several research publications dealing with the training of Division 1 athletics, specifically Football.

Bryan has written 3 books, Auto-Regulatory Progressive Resistance Exercise (APRE)Developing Explosive Athletes: The Use of Velocity Based Training in Athletes, and The Complete Guide to Powerlifting - which Bryan co-authored with Dan Austin. 

On the episode Bryan and I discussed Brians recent experience at Altis' ACP Mentorship week, muscle physiology of force production, and strategies for monitoring stress with athletes.


I hope you guys really enjoy the show.


Stay Strong,


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