Episode 109: Interview with Dan Pfaff - Training Theory, Pedagogy, and being a Generalist

This episodes guest is none other then Coach Dan Pfaff.

Where do I even begin with Dan's Bio? The man is just a legend within the Track and Field and Sports Performance world. He has coached multiple Olympic (9), World (9), and National Medalists. Some of Coach Pfaffs most notable athletes have been/are:

Donovan Bailey - 1996 Mens 100m Olympic Champion

Canada's Mens 4x100 Rely Team - 1996 Olympic Champions

Greg Rutherford - 2012 Mens Long Jump Olympic Champion, 2016 - Mens Long Jump Olympic Bronze,  2014 Mens Long Jump Commonwealth Champion, 2014 & 2016 mens Long Jump European Athletics Champion, and 2015 Mens Long Jump World Champion

Dan is currently the Head coach at Altis, Phoenix, Arizona, in the USA. Previously Dan was one of the Head coaches for team GB for the London 2012 Olympics. 

On this episode Dan and I discussed many topics including:

- Dan's Background & Influences
- The good and not so good that Dan see's with the entire sports performance Profession
- Dan's Training Philosophy - where we discuss - assessment, program design, organization of the training process, the genesis of Dan's 3-Day Rollover, the importance of the microcycle set up
- Dan's take on the Pedagogy of Coaching
- Dan's top advice and resources to all the listeners
- And much more

This was an amazing episode guys.

I hope you all enjoy it!

Stay Strong,

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