Episode 108: Interview with David O’Sulliavn

This episode see's a return of Physiotherapist and Strength and Conditioning Coach David O'Sullivan. 

David was previously on the podcast back in May 2015 on Episode 72.

David is currently the clinical director of Prosport Physiotherapy Huddersfield and founder and CEO of ProSport Academy, which is one of the top online Sports Rehabilitation Mentorship courses available. 

David has also previously served as the Head Physiotherapist of the Huddersfield Giants Rugby League Club , Leeds Rhinos and also serve as a head physio with Munster Rugby. For a more in depth look into David's backgroud - click here. 

On this episode David and I discussed: 
- Whats new with David since we last spoke

- Pre-Season Screening
- Hamstring Injuries
- The biggest gaps not being filled by universities with regards to physiotherapy degrees
- ProSport Academy Mentorship
- Pain, the Brain and Performance
- And more

This was another whopper.

Hope you guys enjoy the show.

Stay Strong,

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