Episode 106: Interview with David Joyce - Injury Risk Profiling and Pain and Performance

This episodes guest is David Joyce who is the Head of Integrated High Performance at the GWS Giants in the AFL in Australia. 

David is also the co-author with Dan Lewindon of two of the most popular sports performance and rehabilitation books to be publish in recent years - High Performance Training for Sports and Sports Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation.

On this episode David and I discuss:

- Davids Background and Influences
- The good and not so good things that David is currently seeing with the professions of Physical Preparation and sports rehabilitation
- We get into a deep discussion about the two chapters that David co-wrote with Dan Lewindon about injury risk profiling and the and David Butler on Pain and Performance
- David also parts with his top advice to all the listeners

This was an awesome episode with Joycie.

Hope you guys enjoy it.

Stay Strong,

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Show Notes

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