Episode 100: Interview with Frans Bosch - Strength Training and Coordination

This episodes guest Frans Bosch.

Frans is an international lecturer in motor learning and training theory at Fonty's Sports College in the Netherlands. He has worked as a consultant and specialist for Welch and Japanese National Rugby Teams and West Ham United Football Club.

Frans is co-author to one of the most renowned books on running - "Running" that he co-authored with Ronald Klomp.

Recently Frans just released the English edition of his second book - "Strength Training and Coordination"

On this episode Frans and I discussed:
- Frans Background

- Why Frans decided to write this book?
- The difference between a reductionist approach vs complex biological approach to training
- Muscle Architecture (Parallel vs Pennate Fibres) and its influence on Sprinting
- Can Hypertrophy be detrimental to Muscle Architecture and thus the Skill and Motor Control of Running?
- What are Attractors and Fluctuators?
- The 7 Attractors that drive Linear and Multi-Directional Speed
- Knowledge of Performance vs Knowledge of Results & External vs Internal cues
- The Concept of Muscle Slack
- We had an in depth discussion on Specificity, the components that make up Specificity, and training transfer
- Constraint Based Learning of Motor Learning

Hope you guys really enjoy this show!!

Stay Strong,

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